Price Guides

Our price guides have been created to take some of the mystery out of buying and selling a diamond. This free tool is currently for round brilliant cut diamonds. Fancy shape diamond pricing will be available soon. See the Price Guide Facts below for more important information.

Retail Price:
The Retail Price option will give a range of average market prices found at typical retailers across the US. This option is for best for buyers looking to get real market pricing information on a New Diamond Purchase.

Resale Estimate:
The Resale Estimate option is the estimate of what you might receive if a similar pre-owned diamond were to be sold at auction or to a reputable dealer. This option is best for people looking to get pricing information for a pre-owned diamond they may wish to sell.

There are many factors that go into diamond pricing that cannot be completely covered by an on-line tool. Use of this information is not a substitute for an appraisal but a resource to help you become more educated. Use of our pricing guides and other information on our site assumes your acceptance of our Terms and Conditions of Use.


Weight For sizes 1.00 ct. to 5.99ct

Price Guide Facts

The price ranges given in our online tool represent our market research and years of experience in the jewelry industry. We know that the pricing of diamonds both new and at the resale level can be very confusing to many people. It is our goal to educate both the public and industry alike to remove some of that confusion. Here are some facts about our pricing models:

  • Prices are for diamonds with Grading Reports from reputable laboratories, such as GIA (Gemological Institute of America). Not all labs are equally stringent so pricing may vary for a diamond of the same grade if the reports are from different labs.
  • The Cut of the diamond is assumed to be Very Good to Excellent, and there should be faint to no fluorescence. Diamonds not meeting these criteria may be priced significantly less, especially in the resale market.
  • Pricing is for a typical diamond and not for a branded or copyrighted piece. Branded diamonds are stones that may have a special cut or attribute that makes them unique. The price of these diamonds as well as signed pieces from luxury retailers may cost significantly more. These premiums are very specific to the retailer and may or may not bring higher prices on the resale market.
  • Not all diamonds of the same grade are the same. Each grade represents a range so it is possible for a diamond of the same quality grade to vary in price for that reason alone.
  • Why is there a wide range in the pricing? The retail price range uses actual prices for similar diamonds that can vary widely. The range exits for the reasons stated above as well as the different profit margins, locations, and services offered by the retailer. Ultimately, there is not a single price for a particular diamond category.