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Thank You for visiting the American Jewelry Institute’s website and blog. Here we will be posting pertinent information regarding the world of diamonds, gemstones, jewelry and timepieces. I wanted to first let you know a bit about me.

My name is Richard Malerba and I am the principal and senior staff appraiser for the American Jewelry Institute, LLC. I am a third generation jewelry professional with over 25 years of related experience. My areas of expertise include gemological & appraisal services, consulting, publishing, teaching, designing and manufacturing. I have well established working relationships with many professionals affiliated with the most prestigious global jewelry and jewelry related institutions. I consults with large and small clients alike assisting them in determining their valuation needs for insurance, estate planning, collecting, liquidating and other purposes. In this regard I have personally appraised and evaluated over one billion dollars of client’s jewelry related assets, with single items valuing well into the millions.

It is my hope in this forum to provide some insights to the public at large to assist you in making informed decisions regarding all types of Jewelry and Gems, whether you own a piece or wish to acquire it. Thank You again for visiting.