scientist and microscopeOur services utilize the latest technology to allow us to produce appraisals of your
most precious jewelry while you wait in most cases. Appraisals for larger estates can be performed at the location of your choice. Evaluations have been performed at client’s homes, banks or attorney’s offices.

Appraisals are performed for a variety of reasons but they all serve to protect and educate you, the client. If you posses valuable jewelry that is undocumented you may be at risk. Insurers and estate planners require professional documentation in order to protect your assets appropriately. It is key to keep on top of your documents and have a qualified independent appraiser evaluate your jewelry and gems periodically. Our proprietary schedule review process looks at your current insurance schedule usually by email and assess any potential gaps in coverage in an easy to read report.

Not sure what you have ? If you have purchased jewelry from an unknown source, have owned a piece for many years, or recently inherited some items it is important to have it evaluated. The price of precious metals and many gems are constantly in flux and many gems are nearing record highs. A simple piece of jewelry you purchased 10 or 20 years ago may be worth several times its original value today. During the initial phase of a consultation with us we will assist you in determining your appraisal needs.