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Appraisal Value vs Selling Price

(Below is a reprint from a paper that I had written on appraisal practice as it relates to lower priced internet sales. Some of the terminology is geared toward industry professionals, however I believe there are items of interest in the paper  relevant to all consumers, particularly appraisal value vs selling price at low margin retailers. I… Read more »

Are Diamonds, Gold and Jewelry A Good Investment ?

(I published this article several years ago, but its prevalence today still make it an important read. ) The uncertainty of current economic times has pushed many consumers and investors into purchasing hard assets such as fine jewelry, precious metals and gems. Many clients are asking me if this is a good idea. I have always… Read more »


Dear Guest, Thank You for visiting the American Jewelry Institute’s website and blog. Here we will be posting pertinent information regarding the world of diamonds, gemstones, jewelry and timepieces.  I wanted to first let you know a bit about me. My name is Richard Malerba and I am the principal and senior staff appraiser for… Read more »